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Real Estate and Business Valuation Services

For Taxation 

Valuation reports filed with your clients tax returns should never be contested. With three decades of valuation history, we have not had one report contested by a taxing agency. 

Reports prepared for tax matters contain 110% of the detail, analysis, methods, and specific published requirements detailed in IRC Sec 170(f)(xx), and/or Notice 2006-96 (PPA), and/or IRS Guide Form 559 revision 2017. 

With a potential 20-40% penalty for "Significant or Gross" valuation misstatements, we make sure our reports are bulletproof. Not a single valuation has been challenged by the I.R.S in our 30 year history.

Our experience and expertise insure the valuations attached to IRS forms like Form 8971 and/or Form 706 are accurate and well supported utilizing published IRS guidelines.

Strict adherence to the published guidelines works. Works for our reputation, our clients reputation, and most importantly, works to protect taxpayers assets.  

Appraisals for any other intended use or reason. 

Real Estate and Business valuation reports are prepared in compliance with all published ethical and technical reporting standards. We have the credentials, experience, and expertise necessary to be your go to valuation firm for any and every appraisal need. 

Whether it is Real Estate or Business, Whether it is fractional, full, controlling, or non-controlling interest, we can appraise it.

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