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We can help with measurement services

We provide building and site area measurement and calculation services.
From moderately concise 2D & 3D drawings for listings and FYI uses, to exacting building and site configurations for dispute litigation, arbitration, and more..  


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What are building measurement services?

Measurement services are just what they sound like: An appraiser measures the dimensions and area of your property, then draws a basic or highly detailed floorplan based on your needs. The appraiser's report and floorplan is a document that can be used to prove a precise Gross Building Area (Commercial) or Gross Living Area (Residential). These dimensions and calculations can be a specific and accurate and necessary.

These services are useful and sometimes necessary when challenging property taxes, selling a property, resolving tenant disputes, or legal building area dispute litigation. 

How does a measurement service work?

During a building measurement service, an appraiser measures the home with a measuring tool — generally a tape measure or laser measuring device. As they tour the building, they may mark the exterior layout if calculating gross building square footage. Additionally, the interior configuration rooms and other features, like stairs, patios, and pantries may be requited, even a 3D rendering if necessary or desired, say for a comprehensive property listing. 

The appraiser will typically make a rough sketch of the property during the site inspection, and then the appraiser will develops a report or detailed floorplan utilizing building sketch software engineered specifically for the drawing and accurate calculation of building area. 

Information for agents

To ensure that your client's property is listed and closes at a price that accurately reflects market value based on building area, we recommend requesting a floorplan service for the property. Clients, and potential buyers, will be grateful for your thoroughness, and you can be certain that the GLA on your client's listing is truly representative of their building area. A measurement can also be a wonderful marketing tactic for getting potential buyers interested because they can see the layout and attributes of the house before and after a tour. Contact The Appraisal Corp Dot Com to learn more about our measurement services.