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Concept Drawings and Site Development Services

Concept Drawings and Development/Redevelopment Feasibility Analysis Services.

Proposed Development or Redevelopment for Planning Department Submission and cost feasibility analysis.  

Residential Remodel Concepts. Landscape concepts, Square Footage mediation or litigation. 

We offer a range of building drawing options and levels of detail. 

These visual aids increase efficiency in commercial and Industrial listings by providing potential buyers with the tools necessary to check functionality and utility before an appointment to walk through the unit is ever made. They also project a professional image to your sellers when they check out their listing online. 

The impressive look of the listing, the filtering of potential buyers that want to walk through the building, and your charm as an agent almost guarantees a seller that is impressed and will be referring new business for generations to come..     

A Basic Two Dimensional delineation might be used to resolve a friendly landlord/tenant square footage dispute, or a "see ya in court" dispute. They can be that accurate. 

A more advanced Three Dimensional rendering that deals with "the space" can be prepared with many various degree's of detail. From the as-is state of the space to complete conceptual interpretations and renderings.

Pricing for drawing services range from a couple hundred dollars for a 2D residential perimeter sketch used to determine square footage, to a few thousand for 3D commercial development conceptual drawings, to tens of thousands for professional construction documents.

Below is a small sample of the drawing options offered and approximate cost for each. Every project is unique and bid on an individual basis. Final pricing is based on client needs. 

3 Dimensional Exterior Concept


Proposed Development Documents for Planning Dept Concept Submission

This assignment was for a 3D drawing to include exterior land and improvement detail, subterranean detail, and no interior detail except unit delineation (top view). This is a proposed mixed use project with 4-6 boutique retail spaces, 28 Residential units, and a 10,000 square foot four screen Theater. 

The primary use of this assignment was to determine building placement, pedestrian flow, and vehicle flow. As of Jan 2019, this project is under construction.

3D Interior Concepts. 

1632 SF Industrial Flex Space

2D Unit Delineations with Dimensions and Exacting Square Footage Calculations

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